bread bags, "talegos", and other sacks (2007)

Patchwork, embroidered fabric, with appliqués, or made of crochet—many are the bags that are part of this exhibition which is the result of a research and collection work by the exhibition curator, Diana Regal, a graduate of the Costume Design Course – Production Area – Theather at Escola Superior de Música e Artes de Espetáculo (ESMAE), in Porto. In the richness of the Portuguese language and the diversity of our traditions, a bag for bread can also be called a “bornal”, “fole”, “bolsa”, “mântica”, “patrona”, “alforge”, “talêgo”, or “taleiga”. Objects that safeguard and preserve people’s belongings, they bear witness to the habits of society and times gone by. Bread bags were always included in a young girl’s trousseau before the age of disposables. Now, we pay homage to them in an exhibition that refers us to a not-so-distant past.