Bread Museum includes within its program several temporary cultural exhibitions in a multi-dimensional succession that offers a journey in time and history through the world of bread

temporary exhibitions

As a key museum, Bread Museum hosts exhibitions from different cultural
contexts and times but a common perspective: Bread.

- on display -

poems to enjoy
with pleasure

For lovers of poetry, there can never be enough poems, because there is always more to read, to re-read, and to enjoy with pleasure. This exhibition is a journey to the world of bread, a universal asset, by the hand of Portuguese and international poets. It helps us understand our own reality through the words of others who generously share them in a collection of poems about, or with references to, bread. An exhibition framed within the exhibition of Fernando Pessoa’s writing desk and a rare first edition of Message (Mensagem) at the Museum, making culture and art more accessible to all.

- previous exhibitions -

Gastronomic Caricatures by Bordalo Pinheiro


Artur Pastor – Stories of the Land


The bread cycle in the art of Velhô


Bread and Earth in Portuguese Stamps, from 1910 to 2000


Old Lusitanian Land


One Hundred Years Ago, the Republic


Broa de Avintes – Flavour and Tradition


The Mills


Noah's Arc




Old Mountain Range


Hands on Bread


Tasty Postcards


Bread Bags, "talegos", and other sacks


Artur Pastor, Memories of the land


Gastronomic Caricatures by Bordalo Pinheiro


Portuguese Menus


Bread on Nature


Kings of Portugal


Memory of the Black Land


District Capitals Coats of Arms


The Bread Men


Alentejo, Sun and Wheat


Memories of the Land