The Restaurant at Museu do Pão is a veritable centre of gastronomic research, where ancient—and noble—traditional Portuguese flavours are rediscovered.

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bread as inspiration

Endless delicacies served at the table of the Restaurant at Museu do Pão invite you to share and revisit the memories of flavours from the past. Here, we bring back traditional recipes from our cuisine through a menu presented in bread dough, rich with authentic dishes, many of them starring bread as the main ingredient.

celebrate... with bread!

At the Bread Museum we are committed to making your visit a memorable one. If you are coming to our restaurant to celebrate a birthday or a meeting with friends or family, if you are coming for a memorable date for yourself or if you want to surprise someone, send us an email and we will prepare, at no additional cost, a commemorative piece with the date, totally made in bread, to immortalize the moment.

the peak of
traditional portuguese cuisine

The meal preamble welcomes you with battered runner beans, codfish patties, fava beans with smoked ham, or a selection of sausages, from an endless array of entrées. Then, a climax of traditional cooking, offering a choice of meat or fish every day from a vast selection: flaked codfish, confit codfish, “lagareiro”-style octopus, monkfish rice, lamb “açorda”, roast boar with breadcrumb, oven-roasted PDO lamb, tender cuts of black pork, and black pork cheeks—among other delicacies—set the stage for the third act. In the sweet world of desserts, enjoy a legendary rice pudding, chocolate mousse, custard cream, regional cornmeal pudding, the very Portuguese egg pudding, bread pudding (of course), orange torte, charlotte, coconut tart, pears in wine, and, for those who enjoy a sharper flavour, Serra da Estrela PDO cheese from Quinta da Lagoa.