The Valor do Tempo Group was created in 1994 in Seia and first came into the public eye in 2002, with the opening of O Museu do Pão (the Bread Museum). Almost 30 years after its foundation, the group still favours an approach based on the added value a handmade product brings, testifying to the fact that innovation is not always about technology.

Having respect for the human dimension and pursuing a mission focused on democratizing access to culture, combining it with the economy to obvious mutual benefit, prioritizes people and history, two of the great pillars of the organization, through a reorganized economic model that coordinates production and consumption systems in favour of valuing the local economy and sustainability.

The Valor do Tempo Group strives to ensure that the historical Portuguese products it works with are properly valued. To achieve this, the group is committed to a strong proximity to the final consumer through the tourism and leisure sectors at 45 venues in Portugal under 15 flagship brands: Museu do Pão (Bread Museum), Museu da Cerveja (Beer Museum), Casa Portuguesa do Pastel de Bacalhau, Quinta da Lagoa, Silva & Feijóo, Casa Pereira da Conceição, Confeitaria Peixinho, Comur, The Fantastic World of Portuguese Sardine, The Fantastic World of Portuguese Can, Hästens Sleep Spa – CBR Boutique Hotel, A Brasileira do Chiado, Mensagem de Lisboa, Joalharia do Carmo, and Figurado de Barcelos – O Valor do Tempo.