grocery store

A foray into the ambience of old grocery stores in a space that brings back memories and transports you to happy places that are part of our history.

a journey through the senses

Prepare your senses to be delighted by the irresistible smell of fresh bread that fills the grocery store. From wheat and chocolate bread to oat, plain wheat, and rye breads, and white and yellow corn bread, there is a whole world of Bread to explore.

a journey through flavours

Enjoy, too, canned fish specialities by Comur, around 30 varieties carefully prepared using an exclusively handcrafted process, cured meats, jams, honey, Serra da Estrela PDO cheese from Quinta da Lagoa, spirits, crafts, and our own brand gluten-free products, such as country bread or white bread, crispy toast, and sweet muffins, cakes, and cookies.

a journey through memories

The grocery store is a journey through memories with touches of yesteryear and full of refinement in an ambience of another time, full of objects with history and charm, reminding us that good times and good memories always return… at Museu do Pão.