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Bread Museum provides the educational community with teaching resources to enrich teaching projects, even remotely.

guided tours

Not everything is written in the subtitles. In the Bread Museum team, we know unexpected details, surprising facts about Bread and possible connections that are created between what is on display and those who visit us. Our qualified museum technicians accompany your visit and explain the different spaces and contexts.

For groups of 15 people or more, we recommend booking the visit to the museum in advance.


To enhance opportunities for curriculum and cultural enrichment, Bread Museum has a special program designed for schools, aimed at students of all ages, with content developed to represent the tradition, history, and heritage of bread. Through a fun adventure, younger visitors are invited to roll up their sleeves and get their hands dirty. Learning, experimenting, and tasting—this is the complete bread experience, finished off by discovering the magic of the museum’s carousel, a delightful journey that is experienced as if it was a first time!

senior tours

If you are planning a trip to Serra da Estrela Mountain, a visit to the Bread Museum is a unique experience and a foray into a happy past. Here, visitors find many objects that are part of their life’s imagery and rediscover memories from another time, stored up a long time ago. A fun, comfortable, and safe day out.

educational content

Access a collection of content on Bread, with fun educational activities that explore the history of bread and its art. This content, prepared exclusively by Bread Museum, offers a platform of discovery and knowledge designed to provide to provide a view of the wonderful view of the wonderful world of bread, exploring a breadth of related topics and complementing students’ education.

interactive game

The Magic Land of Bread


Bread History

The wonderful world of the Hermians

Song “The bread cycle”

drawings to colour


portuguese sayings