complementary offer

At the Bread Museum there is always more to discover. A cultural immersion that is complemented by a bar-library, a grocery store, a themed carousel and the museum atelier, for a complete experience.

library bar

cultural heritage

Bread Museum Library Bar is a key document archive for researchers and students of the theme of bread, safeguarding and valuing this heritage and making it accessible, promoting the space as a key national resource for research on the matter.

a pause in time

The library brings together an especially important bibliographic collection. With countless works and periodicals, maps and important collections of manuscripts and old books, here you can enjoy reading in person while having a coffee and being charmed by the landscape, where time seems to stand still.
Also noteworthy is the decoration of the room, which highlights the ex-libris pieces of the Museum made with bread dough by the Museum’s Art Atelier team: two ceiling lamps and a wall with the word “Bread” written in several languages.

grocery store

a journey through the senses

In the grocery store delight yourself with the smell of freshly baked bread. From wheat bread, chocolate brad, oat bread and rye bread, to white and yellow corn bread, here it is also possible to discover, every month, a special bread from the Bread Museum, a true gastronomic journey through the wonderful world of bread.

a journey through flavours

Enjoy, too, canned fish specialities by Comur, around 30 varieties carefully prepared using an exclusively handcrafted process, cured meats, jams, honey, Serra da Estrela PDO cheese, spirits, crafts, and our own brand gluten-free products, such as country bread or white bread, crispy toast, and sweet muffins, cakes, and cookies.

a journey through memories

In a tribute to shepherds, discover the exclusive cushions, produced in 100% wool from Bordaleira sheep. Each cushion is unique and special: the inside filling is pure wool, the inside pillowcase has the serial number corresponding to a sheep and the outside cover shows the sheep on one side and a year, since 1922, on the other side. An exclusive of the Bread Museum, in the heart of the mountains.


the carousel story

Merry-go-rounds are also known as carousels. From the Italian “garosello” and the Spanish “carosella”, both of which mean “small battle”, the word “carousel” has its origins in ancient machines used to train combat skills by Turkish and Arabic horsemen in the 12th century. The devices were later copied by Crusaders during the Middle Ages.

carousels through the ages

During the 18th century, carousels became popular at public parks in Europe as a form of entertainment. Traditionally featuring wooden horses that bobbed up and down, simulating a gallop, carousels were powered using human or animal strength, and had no platforms: the horses were held in place using chains.
By the middle of the 19th century, merry-go-rounds had platforms powered by steam engines. Later, electrical motors, lights, and music were added, giving the merry-go-round that special charm that it holds to this day.

carousel at bread museum

The carousel at Bread Museum was designed and built specifically for this space, inspired by the theme of bread. It was constructed by the same manufacturer of the carousel at the Eiffel Tower in Paris and is a tribute to our childhood memories: warm bread straight from the oven and the magic that carousel have never lost. So come and take a trip down memory lane; anyone can ride free of charge and regardless of age. Because at Bread Museum it is always time to dream.

natural yeast dough

Daily, a qualified team of professionals guarantees the production of delicious artisan bread that supplies the Restaurant, Bar and Mercearia at Bread Museum. More than reproducing old recipes, the concern is to renew and reinvent recipes, guaranteeing the quality and identity of the bread. Every month a new bread is created that challenges the palate of visitors. The Bread Museum has created a unique mother dough, affectionately named “The Value of Time”, which has been, since September 2021, registered in the “Puratos Mother Pasta Library”, opened in 2013 at the Center for Bread Favor in Saint -Vith, Belgium, which brings together a collection of mother doughs with over 700 yeast strains and 1,500 lactic acid bacteria from all over the world.